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Norfolk Junior Squash's Final Grand Prix of 2012

Posted: 21.12.12



Martin Jolley continued his winning run at the December Grand Prix Tournament where Harleston Leisure Centre were well represented with 9 of the 27 players participating.

Group 1 saw some fantastic squash from all six juniors in the deciding match Martin Jolley took on Sam Henden. With the courts being warm, the rallies were getting longer and longer despite both players becoming more and more tired. With a lack of energy showing, shots became looser but Martin seemed to take advantage of this by ensuring he put away any loose shots of Sam’s which was just about enough to give Martin his group victory and title of ‘December Grand Prix winner’.

Group 1 Final Placings (Bannatynes, Norwich)
1. Martin Jolley (Fakenham), 2. Sam Henden (Broadland), 3. Robert Davies (Barnham Broom), 4. Daniel Heffer (EAT&SC), 5. Katie Cox (EAT&SC), 6. Josh Hall (Broadland)

In Group 2, Simon Broom proved to be too strong for his competitors, winning the group with the loss of only one game.
Group 2 Final Placings (Bannatynes, Norwich)
1. Simon Broom (Rossis), 2. Liam Bond (Bannatynes), 3. Phil Davis (Barnham Broom), 4. Lloyd Potter (Harleston), 5. Claire Jolley (Fakenham). Liam Mooney Withdrawn.

Group 3 was played in a very competitive way. Ollie Farmer was strong all the way through the competition with Ross Wilson and Spencer Muddle putting him under pressure all the way through.
Group 3 Final Placings (Harleston)
1. Ollie Farmer (Harleston), 2. Spencer Muddel (Broadland), 3.Ross Wilson (Waveney Leisure), 4. Alice Heffer (EAT&SC), 5. James Peterson (EAT&SC), 6. Finn Cutting (Harleston), 7. Harvey Clarke (Harleston), 8. Josh Davies (Harleston)

Group 4 was evenly matched all the way through, the results could have gone either way. In the end it came down very close between three people. Alex Van Blerk (69 points) Kirstie Johnson (68 points) and William Ford (67 points). Everyone in the group played with a smile.
Group 4. Final Placings (Harleston)
1. Alex Van Blerk (Greshams), 2. Kirstie Johnson (Broadland), 3. William Ford (Harleston).
4. Jude Bickley 5. Jodie Dowe (Broadland), 6. Edward Brice (Harleston), 7. Jack Davies (Harleston)

Thanks to Bannatynes and Harleston Leisure for hosting the event, and to Jake Bond and Olly Bickley for running the venues and providing the reports. The next Grand Prix is scheduled for Fakenham on 20th January, with additional matches at Reepham in the event of a large entry.