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Six of the Best! Are the Maliks Britains Most Successful Sporting Family?

Posted: 03.10.12



The Mailk family from Cuckfield, Sussex, laid claim over the weekend to being the UK’s most talented sporting family and three of them are only 6years old!

The six children, Curtis (13), Perry (11), Torrie (8) and 6 year-old triplets Bailey, Sumner and Heston, swept the board at the Sussex County Squash Championships last weekend winning no less than 5 County Titles between them.

Triplets Bailey, Sumner and Heston Malik all aged 6 made a smashing debut to finish first, second and third respectively in the under 9’s Championship.

Torrie, the only girl in the family, aged 8 incredibly won both the under 11 and under 13 Championships, Perry, aged 11 won the under 13 boys whilst Curtis Malik, the eldest brother won the under 15’s whilst still only aged 13 and finished 3rd in the under 17 age category..

Proud Father Camron Malik, is a squash coach and captain of the over 45’s Sussex men’s team, beamed as he confessed that he had only introduced the kids to squash, “in order to let mum have a lie in”.

“I used to take Curtis and Perry down to the local Squash courts with me on a Sunday morning so that my wife could have a lie in. It was the ideal place for them to to run around and play games with other kids because you could lock them in essentially!”

Camron admitted that the family’s success at the weekend was a ‘dream come true.’

“To be fair I was expecting them all to do well as they have shown a natural talent for the game. People expected them to do well, but it was a lot of pressure as a family to deliver. However, whilst wining five County Championships was an aspiration as a family, it was beyond our wildest dreams to achieve.”

Curtis and Perry already have a national reputation, and are rapidly gaining an international reputation, playing at both the French and Dutch open.

The oldest 3 children already have sponsorship deals in place with English Racket manufacturer Mantis, as young ambassadors of the sport.

Paul Fennell, Regional Manager for England Squash & Racketball commented: “This is a truly remarkable sporting family and one which is sure to lead to future sporting success on the international stage. Susan and Camron are great parents, who together have created an exceptional family.”

The family has already rubbed shoulder with one of the greats of the game, meeting Jahangir Khan at the British Open at the O2 Arena in May.

England Squash & Racketball are supporting the 2020 Back The Bid Campaign on World Squash Day later this month, creating awareness of the sports bid to get squash into the medal games at the 2020 Olympics.

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